New coin added to MiningOptimizer: BEAM

Several new coins like BEAM and GRIN have risen from the Crypto Jungle these past months and we have been doing our homework, taking a closer look at the legitimacy of the project, the technology and the team behind creative logos and funny names. If you want to find out why we have added Beam to MiningOptimizer please read on.

What is BEAM?

BEAM launched at the beginning of the year and was the first Mimblewimble implementation to go live, with GRIN following behind closely.


Their goal is to provide a private store of value which is both user-friendly and caters to a startup mindset. A GUI wallet for users is currently available on MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

Another goal is to also be applicable for businesses by separating the platform’s development into two sections: BEAM Core and BEAM Compliance. BEAM Core is the technical innovative section of the network’s design while BEAM Compliance focuses on the opt-in compliance and auditability aspects making it attractive for businesses who need auditability and still desire privacy as an optional feature.

Governance model

Beam development seems to be taking a structured, company like approach, comparable to that of ZCash, instead of going the community funded path which GRIN seem to have chosen.

Both Mimblewimble based protocols BEAM and GRIN are part of the MO mineable coins as we believe there is quite a growth potential with both and the past weeks have proven us right.

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